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Carpet deep cleaning – Our process

Alexander’s provides some of the deepest and most thorough professional carpet cleaning services in Newcastle, as full members of the national carpet cleaners association (NCCA) our carpet cleaning involves a 6 step process beginning with an inspection to identify how your carpet’s made and what it’s made from.  This is the most important step in a professional clean.

Carpet cleaning – Dry soil extraction

This is a vacuum with our commercial hoover, it’s very important to remove as much dry soil as possible before cleaning carpets and our commercial vacuum removes much more soil that a household machine. This also gets your carpet’s pile ready for the pre-spray. 

In certain situations we go over your carpet with our renovation machine before vacuuming in order to remove in-bedded hairs and other debris.

Carpet cleaning – Pre spray

Our survey will have identified a number of factors necessary to select the correct mixture of ingredients in our pre-spray. This is where the actual carpet cleaning happens in a professional carpet clean

Carpet cleaning – Agitation

We use our renovation machine to agitate the pre-spray deep into the carpets fibres, removing soil and cleaning it top to bottom. 

Carpet cleaning – Rinse Extraction

Once we get to this stage the cleaning has already happened, we now need to remove the cleaning agents along with the soil, and other debris. We do this using very high pressure water at 110ºC sprayed in narrow jets which is immediately vacuumed back out by powerful vacuum motors leaving your carpets clean and drier than DIY alternatives. 

Carpet cleaning – Speed Drying

Our top of the range equipment leaves your carpets clean and as dry as possible but to speed things along we drop our speed driers on as we work, this helps get things as dry as possible before we leave.

We know getting your carpets clean and dry as soon as possible is important to you, this is why we take our time . If you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. I’ve also written an article all about drying carpets  (that’s how much I love carpets) Please have a look, it answers a lot of the questions you might have and might help you if you’ve thought about dry carpet cleaning which is also a service we offer. 

Ask us about carpet protection…

If you’re interested in additional protection for your carpets ask us about our Carpet Guard. We use a state-of-the-art professional grade fluro-nano particle protector designed to give long lasting protection on carpets and fabrics. Our Carpet Guard protects against penetration by oil or water based contaminants.

If you’ve previously had your carpets protected we would always advise getting your protection “topped up” as protection will reduce over time with all topical protectors.

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